Batch Geocode Spreadsheet (.csv, .xlsx, etc.)

Batch geocode your address or location datasets with just a few clicks. Upload your spreadsheet to our dashboard, configure the geoder and receive the fully geocoded data with just a few clicks.

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This is how it works

Step 1: Upload your file

Navigate to "Create Batch" in the left navigation bar and you will be asked to upload a file. The uploaded spreadsheet must be readable, comma-seperated, not empty and be encoded using UTF-8, if you expect to get clear geocoding. File format must be .csv.

upload spreadsheet

Step 2: Map data fields

Once your .csv-file has been successfully uploaded, you will be asked to map the columns of your sheet with the data fields that are required for geocoding. The street/address field are required - all other fields are optional.

map data fields

Step 3: Check Results

In the last step of the bulk configuration, our tool will batch geocode a list of three demo results, that allow you to check whether the batch will contain the desired results. If anything looks wrong, navigate back to the previous step and play around with the data fields or upload an new .csv-file.

check batch results allows you to geocode batches with up to 7000 lines per month for free, as one line is counted as 50 requests towards your monthly limit of 350000 requests.

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