About Geocodeapi

In late 2018 we were in the need of an affordable Google maps alternative. We only found very few solutions that were all limited to a certain region of the world. Since we needed a global solution, we decided to solve the problem ourselves. This is the story behind Geocodeapi. Today, we are solving the same issue for thousands of users worldwide.

About the company behind Geocodeapi

We are SaaS Industries - an Austrian tech company, that develops and maintains APIs and SaaS applications. All products are developed and maintained by our team in Vienna. We believe in user-centric development and adore easy and simple solutions. We continously improve our portfolio products by conducting customer interviews and implementing derived feature requests.

Other products in our portfolio

Zenserp - SERP API

An API that provides search engine result pages in JSON format and makes SERP scraping scalable.

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reviewapi - Review API

An API enables companies to scrape and aggregate reviews from 30+ review platforms in JSON format.

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oddsapi - Odds API

An API that provides sports betting data from over 15 sport types and 20+ bookmakers.

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zenscrape - Web Scraper

A web scraper that allows anyone to scrape website information. It also provides a scraper API.

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